He Lives

Published: Thu, Jun 17 2021

“I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth” (Job 19:25). 


Job listened to the second speech by Bildad. He then replied to his friends, asking them how long he would be tormented him by their words. He presented a long list of what had happened to him, including being berated by his friends and losing his family and fortune. But after this discourse, he said he still held true to the belief in the Almighty God. Not only did Job believe in God’s existence, but Job believed that he would stand in God’s presence someday. 


Regardless of the situations you encounter and the consequences you experience, you should still believe in the sovereignty of God. When you are in the middle of a difficult time and you don’t see an easy way out of your struggle, do you ask where God is instead of trusting Him in faith? 


When Christians have questions, they have to cry out to God and, with sheer faith, believe that whatever the outcome He will walk with them and see them through their valley.


Prayer Suggestion: Father, help me remember that You are there, no matter the circumstances.

Quicklook: Job 19:23–27

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Time Wise

Published: Wed, Jun 16 2021

As Louise looked through old photos of her late grandfather, she noticed she had forgotten how handsome he had been in his younger days. She also realized that the pictures depicted the energetic go-getter he was, always poised for an adventure. He was a man who seemed to almost thrive on the anticipation of any task, which was usually participation in some type of ministry. This was such a contrast to the frail man who spent most of his last days in his rocker by the picture window.


“They spring up like flowers and wither away; like fleeting shadows, they do not endure” (Job 14:2).


Life is short and people sometimes take it for granted. Days and months fly by, and before you know it years have passed. You may fill your life with activities involving things that matter very little when compared to the whole picture of your life. 


It may be time to step back and conduct an inventory of daily routines. It is important that the things with which you fill our time make a positive impact in God’s kingdom.


Challenge for Today: Take time to evaluate your commitments and be willing to say “no” to some things.

Quicklook: Job 14:1–6

High-Wire Faith

Published: Tue, Jun 15 2021

Millions of people have watched on television as high-wire artist Nik Wallenda has crossed chasms sometimes with a safety harness, sometimes without. Praying to and praising Jesus during his high-wire walks Wallenda has overcome dusty wire, wet wire, poor visibility and wind.


Reading the Book of Job is like watching one Wallenda’s death-defying crossings. 

Job walked the tightrope between pleading his innocence before God and asking Him for an explanation:


“I say to God: Do not declare me guilty, but tell me what charges you have against me. Does it please you to oppress me?” (Job 10:2–3).


What do you do when something terrible happens to you, threatening to send your faith plummeting? If you are like Job, you will struggle, wavering between confidence in God and questioning Him. But if you keep praying to and praising Jesus, you can make it.


Challenge for Today: Whenever your faith wavers, steady yourself by kneeling down to pray.

Quicklook: Job 10:1–12

True Friends

Published: Mon, Jun 14 2021

After they heard about his tragedies, Job’s three friends showed up. At first they just sat with Job. But then they started to speak. They accused Job of being so sinful in thought, word, or deed that God had zeroed in on him for punishment.


As if life weren’t tough enough for Job, his friends were adding insult to injury! 

While you may not want to follow the example of Job’s friends in word, you should follow their example in deed. No matter what they said, Job’s friends were there by his side during his affliction. 


“Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend

forsakes the fear of the Almighty” (Job 6:14).


A person who had lost her mom once said, “You never forget people who care enough to come to the funeral.” You are also likely to remember those who lend emotional support in other ways.


Don’t withhold kindness from your friends. Be there when they hurt and when they just need a helping hand.


Challenge for Today: Support someone who is mourning with your physical or emotional presence. 

Quicklook: Job 6:8–17

Always The Same

Published: Sun, Jun 13 2021

What do you think when you get really bad news? 

Job thought of God. Though his life had turned into a nightmare, He knew God was still in charge. 


At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: “ . . . The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:20–21).


Believing in God’s sovereignty—that God not only knows all and sees all, but can control all—can be uncomfortable. After all, if God can intervene in situations, Christians sometimes wonder why He doesn’t always prevent life from hurting His beloved children. 


No matter how much Job struggled with his circumstances, he didn’t let trials shake his faith or his relationship with God. 


Tragedy does not change who God is. You may not understand why He lets His children face trauma, but you can still cling to your faith. When bad things happen, God is still with you. Look to Him for comfort and help.


Thought for Today: When life knocks you flat, God will help you up.

Quicklook: Job 1:13–22


Published: Sat, Jun 12 2021

These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every family, and in every province and in every city. And these days of Purim should never fail to be celebrated by the Jews—nor should the memory of these days die out among their descendants (Esther 9:28).


God miraculously rescued His people from death, and the Israelites were ready to celebrate. They were so aware of God’s grace that they decided to make it an annual celebration. Part of this was for fun, part of it was grateful hearts thanking God, and part of this was to remind their children and future generations of how the Lord had worked in their lives—and how He could work again. 

Do you have any spiritual celebrations in your life? It’s a good idea to note when God has done special things for you and to celebrate accordingly, even annually. Not only will this reinforce an awareness of God’s power in your own life, but it will also teach your family to notice when God is moving in their lives.


Challenge for Today: List some special times when you saw God work, and try to memorialize these times with an annual celebration.

Quicklook: Esther 9:18–28


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