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God I Want a Platform

God, I Want a Platform!

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What does a godly platform look like? How can I get one? How do I take care of it? What should I not do on my platform? Am I going to be accountable for how I use it? Jamie Morgan, the lead pastor of Life Church (AG) and the Life House of Prayer (24/7 prayer) in Williamstown, New Jersey, and a D.Min student at AG Theological Seminary, provides insights to preparing for, attaining, and maintaining a platform from God.  

One day I was complaining to God about the huge platform minister so-and-so had. I lamented, "If I had a platform as big as hers, I could reach more people for You and call the Church back to the place of prayer." Never expecting God to answer my tale of woe, He did. 

"Who gave her that platform?" He cut right to the chase. 

"Well, you did, Lord," I humbly replied. God has a way of encouraging and correcting all at the same time. 

"Can I give YOU a platform?" He poignantly asked. 

"Yes, Lord, of course. You can do anything." What seemed like a mountain was turning into a miracle. Hope was welling up inside of me. 

Then God ended His part of our discourse with two powerful words: "Ask Me."

I paused for a moment to catch my breath. If God told me to ask, I was going to ask big. Small requests are an insult to our mighty God: "God, I ask You for a platform as wide as the world!" 

End of conversation and done deal as far as I am concerned. 

Since that day, God has given me glimpses of the platform He has in store for me. He is also teaching me how precious a God-given platform is and how to steward it well.

Here are 10 things you need to know about platforms: 

1. A platform is what you stand on, where you stand, and the stand you have taken.   

A platform is comprised of the vision, mission, and ministry God has given you. It the vehicle from which the message God has given you gets out. 

2. Don't try and build the platform yourself. 

God is the giver of platforms. Unless God builds the platform the laborers labor in vain. Let Him build it in His perfect timing. Idolatry is to look to man for that which only God can provide. We can manufacture a platform with the arm of the flesh, but it will produce fleshly results. Only God can give you a platform that will result in eternal, lasting fruit. 

3. Be faithful with the platforms that are right in front of you. 

Look around. God has already given you platforms in your family, church, neighborhood, workplace, social media, etc. If you are faithful with the little platforms, God will give you bigger platforms. Don't wait until you have a worldwide platform to do what God has called you to do; start right now where you are. 

4. Make sure your motives are pure when asking God for a platform. 

We have all seen examples of people (singers, actors, athletes, even some pastors) who ask God for a platform, but use it for worldly purposes once they receive it. When God gives you a platform, take care to use it for His glory. A great example of someone who has been faithful with her platform is my friend, Cheryl (Prewitt) Salem, Miss America 1980. Cheryl lifted high the name of Jesus during her entire one-year reign as Miss America. Today, 36 years later as a former Miss America, she is still using her platform to glorify God, and as a result, many souls have been won to the Kingdom. Unfortunately, this kind of platform stewardship can be rare. We will all be held accountable for the platforms God has given us. 

5. Beware of standing on someone else's platform. 

If you are invited to stand on another platform (by a person, ministry, organization, movement, political party) investigate that platform's building materials, and the ground upon which it stands. Make certain the platform isn't constructed with compromising principles, but on sure biblical precepts. Don't stand on a flimsy platform built on shifting sand. Rock is solid; sand isn't. 

6. Godly character is needed to sustain a godly platform. 

Many a Christian has fallen off of their platform because they lacked the character of Christ. Men and women mightily anointed of God have trampled on their God-given platform due to compromised living. Allow God to mold and shape you into the image of His Son before He gives you a platform. Preparation is never lost time, but sorely needed for platform integrity and longevity.

7. Platforms look glamorous, but are anything but. 

Nothing in the entire world compares to standing on your God-given platform. There is joy unspeakable when you are living God's dream for your life! But there is also hurt, persecution, disappointments, and fiery trials, and at times you will feel drained, diminished, and feel like quitting. Learn the much needed skill of encouraging yourself in the Lord. If not, disillusionment can set in and sabotage your platform. Platforms are not glamorous, but Jesus is worth anything we must endure on our platform! 

8. God will use people to help construct your platform.

You will stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you and God will give you a pastor, teachers, and mentors to speak into your life. Some He will use to construct things that need building in your life; others He will use to deconstruct that which is not of Him. God will also give you much needed favor, resources, and grace. Like Noah, trust and obey God through the building process. 

9. The enemy will try and destroy your platform. 

God uses people, but so does the devil. The enemy will send wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets, offended people, hurting people — anyone who allow themselves to be used for evil purposes. It takes prayer and spiritual warfare to protect a platform. Ask God to assign anointed intercessors and watchmen to pray for you and your platform. Intercessors are like the immune system of the body of Christ; they protect it from foreign invaders and keep it healthy and strong. Watchman can stop the attack of the enemy, through prayer, before it even arrives. 

10. Platforms are yours for the asking. 

God has called each of us to be a voice in the wilderness to prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord and He yearns to give you a platform on which to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ! I am convinced that in these last days' believers will not lack platforms, but the courage to climb its narrow stairs, the perseverance to continue in difficult times, and purity of heart to take a stand for righteousness!

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