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Conduit for a Spiritual Awakening

Conduit for a Spiritual Awakening

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Mike W. McGee won’t be going on the road for a vacation this summer. But he will hit the highways and byways praying for a spiritual awakening across America.

McGee, who is a U.S. missionary candidate with Missionary Church Planters & Developers, will embark on a nationwide prayer tour as part of the new MCPD Dwell30 initiative.

Last year, McGee took an even more extensive visit around the nation’s perimeters in preparation for the 2019 event. He came away feeling like an Old Testament prophet.

“My ears were filled with the desperate cries in the streets and my eyes witnessed the crumbling of our society,” recalls McGee. “I shared the dismay of Habakkuk over the condition of our nation.”

In 2018, he traveled 43 consecutive days by himself, covering more than 11,000 miles across the country.

“God began to challenge me to trust in Him for revival, forgiveness, and for healing of our land,” McGee says. “We must stand up. We must speak up. We need to declare before heaven and earth that our hope lies in the redemptive power of the blood of Christ to restore America to be ‘one nation under God, indivisible.’”

Darlene Robison, MCPD senior director, says the Dwell30 initiative is based on Psalm 90:1, in which “our dwelling place is God himself and flowing from that relationship we follow Jesus’ example — dwelling among people with redemptive purpose.”

Dwell30 is a concerted effort of MCPD to mobilize at least 30 Christians to begin ministering in 30 spiritually dark places.

“The heart of this initiative is to multiply disciples in the most challenging communities of the United States,” Robison says. “Multiplying disciples in the hard places requires long-term sustainability. The rural and urban communities ruled by violence, addiction, poverty, self-sufficient wealth, secularism, and false religions are not being reached in relationship to the need.”

Initially, Robison says the Dwell30 initiative will involve blanketing areas with intercessory prayer, while increasing awareness in the Fellowship of the desperate situation.

“God will call, and He will supply all we need as we dwell with Him and dwell in difficult places,” Robison says. “We hope Dwell30 will be a conduit for a spiritual awakening in America.”

McGee’s prayer tour will launch from this year’s Assemblies of God’s General Council, set for Aug. 1-4 in Orlando, Florida.

The 118-day tour will start officially in Tallahassee, Florida, on Aug. 7 and end in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 27. The tour will take McGee to all the state capitals of the continental U.S., requiring approximately 75 days of travel while covering over 20,000 miles.

”We are asking God’s people to stand up and speak up at the centers of government in each state, to pray for the present laborers and for new laborers, to declare that God will help us as a Church toward a course correction in our nation, so we can once again be ‘one nation under God indivisible’ no matter the socio-economic status or race,” McGee explains.

In 2018, after 35 years in Mexico as AG world missionary church planters, McGee and his wife, Becky, returned to the U.S. to confront myriad spiritual crises.

“One of those battlefronts where Satan has divided our land is through racial tensions, which have diminished the power of the body of Christ to be victorious in the battle for souls in our nation,” McGee says.

During a recent ministry event in Florida, he was shocked to see a divided cemetery across the street from a rural church.

“On one side of the fence was the black graveyard and on the other side was the white graveyard,” McGee recalls. “My heart broke when realizing segregation remains an issue so long after the Civil War.”

He says God directed him to place a marker on the church property, declaring divisive racial spiritual strongholds are coming down.

“Whenever possible, I want to join hands with my African-American brothers and sisters, and cry out to God to heal our land,” McGee says.

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