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World AG Committed to Biblical Marriage

World AG Committed to Biblical Marriage

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SINGAPORE — As the executive committee of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF) convened in Singapore for the eighth World AG Congress March 29-31, leaders approved a theological paper on the redefinition of marriage and human sexuality.

The document, soon to be posted to the WAGF website, states, “The main intent of this paper is not only informative concerning the biblically based position of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship . . . it also attempts to approach hermeneutically and theologically key biblical texts that relate to this sensitive subject.”

“Fidelity to Scripture and dependence on the Holy Spirit have characterized this movement from its earliest days,” says George O. Wood, chairman of the WAGF. “More than an affirmation, this paper will serve as a tool for ministers facing difficult questions about the vast cultural redefinition of marriage from people they are trying to reach for Christ.”

The first modern law permitting homosexuals as well as lesbians to wed took effect in the Netherlands in 2001. Since then, a host of nations have joined in legalizing same-sex marriage.

Polls also have demonstrated a rapid shift in public opinion. A 2016 study by the Pew Forum indicated that as many as 71 percent of U.S. millennials (born between 1981 and the end of the century) had a favorable opinion of same-sex marriage.

During Wood’s tenure as general superintendent of the U.S. Assemblies of God, he has issued various statements regarding human sexuality. The general presbytery of the U.S. AG also released a position on “Homosexuality, Marriage, and Sexual Identity” in 2014.

The new 17-page WAGF report dives into many passages of Scripture which are contested by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender advocates. The document provides a biblical response and also addresses various errant views espoused by those who seek to incorporate LGBT views into a Christian lifestyle.

The newly approved theological paper from WAGF concludes, “The Church has the responsibility to be the conduit of proclamation of God’s grace and hope for all who struggle with broken families or homosexual temptations, orientation, and conduct, and who desire to align their lives with God’s declared intent for marriage design and sexuality.”

The Assemblies of God throughout the world is comprised of 67.9 million adherents who worship in more than 365,000 churches.

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