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Ministry Reaches Out to Muslim Women

Global Initiative is designed to equip Christians to overcome apprehension and to "say hello" as an act of friendship.

Say Hello, the women's component of Assemblies of God World Missions Global Initiative, encourages Christian women to develop redemptive relationships with Muslim women everywhere. The conversation starts with an earnest "hello."

"Many Christians in nations around the world fear and distrust their Muslim neighbors," says Sarah Bocik, mobilization leader for Say Hello . "We want to dissolve some of the myths and open the door for women to have the confidence of taking that first step toward beginning conversations and making connections."

Say Hello shares its message in churches, schools, and events globally, encouraging women to reach out to their female Muslim neighbors. The presentations include information on Islam and the Muslim culture, particularly its impact on women. Say Hello teaches Christian women how common values and experiences can help build relational bridges and create inroads for sharing the gospel through friendship.

Bocik says the ministry, which launched four years ago, is changing minds and lives.

"Many women have told us that before hearing Say Hello's message, they never would have considered going up to a Muslim woman and striking up a conversation," Bocik says. "We're trying to demystify the cultural divide and help women realize the eternal impact they can have."

Islam's gender-sensitive values and practices make it difficult to reach Muslim women through traditional ministry models.

"It could be very inappropriate for Christian men to minister to them," Bocik says. "But women can do it through friendship and compassion."

There are 750 million Muslim women in the world today, and most have never heard the gospel, according to Lynda Hausfeld, director of Say Hello.

"We mean to help Christian women to want to know Muslim women for who they are so they can know how to relate Christ to them," Hausfeld says.

Bocik says the Pentecostal experience helps equip and empower women for the challenging task of ministering to Muslims.

"It helps to know about the Quran and Islam, but what matters most is our reliance on Jesus, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit."

At the 56 th Assemblies of God General Council in August, Say Hello plans to introduce a 10-week study book for women's groups, as well as a children's curriculum designed to help kids share Christ with Muslim friends and classmates.

The children's curriculum focuses on some key differences between Christianity and Islam, pointing kids to the truths of Scripture.

"It solidifies their theology and their understanding of the gospel by teaching that salvation is available only through Jesus and His grace," Bocik says.

As Muslim populations grow in the United States and around the world, Bocik says God calls Christians to view their diverse communities as mission fields ripe for the harvest.