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Light for the Lost -- Continuing the Mission with "Celebrate the Light"

Light for the Lost is continuing its mission of assisting missionaries and outreach centers in reaching the lost for Christ with its latest edition of Celebrate the Light.

When Assemblies of God layman Sam Cochran started Light for the Lost (LFTL) in 1953, he could not have imagined the success the ministry would have. For over 60 years, Light for the Lost has not wavered from the vision God gave to Sam Cochran to send the message of salvation through Christ through printing and distribution of gospel literature and other evangelism resources. Funding resources such as audio, visual and printed materials, Light for the Lost has one guiding principle: that all assistance must be used to provide resources directly related to evangelism.

Since its inception, LFTL has raised over $3.1 million for missionaries and outreach centers to share the gospel of Christ.  This heartbeat for souls brings LFTL to its next chapter with the introduction of Celebrate the Light, a multimedia mission‑focused initiative to fulfill God’s command and reach lost people.

As part of Celebrate the Light, local churches can host a Celebrate the Light service. This service is an opportunity to connect the congregation with the mission of LFTL and allow each person to prayerfully stand with those who are in the harvest fields and give of their resources to equip missionaries with evangelism materials to reach the lost. What better way to celebrate Christ than by partnering with missionaries and providing them the means to tell others about Him?

LFTL unveiled it third edition of Celebrate the Light at last year’s General Council in Orlando, Florida.

Following the same format as the original edition, the newest Celebrate the Light continues to be missions-focused with several options available that fit the unique styles and needs of each church.

This most recent chapter of Light for the Lost continues with a focus on the lost and the vision that has remained the same since the beginning of LFTL:  to send one message — salvation through Christ — in many languages throughout the world. Celebrate the Light is a great resource for National Light for the Lost Day, which occurs annually on the first Sunday in May.

The newest edition of Celebrate the Light along with previous versions and other free resources are available as FREE downloads at lftl.ag.org/celebratethelight. These free downloads are also available on a flash drive for those that may not have the ability to download them from the website.

Sam Cochran was a visionary, understanding what it would take to share the gospel with the world. “Our message must never change,” he said. “But our method of spreading that message must change or we will doom millions who have never heard of Christ.”

“Light for the Lost’s greatest days are ahead,” predicts National LFTL Director Rick Allen. “For over 60 years, men and women across the United States have helped fulfill the Great Commission by delivering evangelism resources to people groups around the world. There is still much to do and the harvest is ripe. Light for the Lost continues to accept the challenge given by our Lord to fulfill His Great Commission and expand His kingdom.”