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West and Central Africa Propelling Jesus Forward

Through the work of AG missionaries and indigenous AG churches in Africa, churches are being planted, ministers are being trained, and people are being led to the Lord.
AGWM missionaries Carrol and Gayle Deal issued the following report on what God is doing in West and Central Africa.

The Great Commission is accomplished when we all work as partners in the mission of God by praying, giving, and going. Such partnerships are thriving in much of Africa.

In the French-speaking Central African country of Gabon, the focus for 2019 is to partner with the national church to preach Christ and plant churches in new areas. Recently construction materials to build 10 tabernacles were loaded into a container and are en route to Gabon.

This will also be the year to partner with the national church in the northeastern corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Partnerships are in place to build a Bible school to prepare church planters. The lot has been purchased, and workers are getting the property ready for the foundation.

In neighboring Equatorial Guinea, 2018 ended with honoring God for what He has done in the 30 years since the Assemblies of God was established there, celebrating His current blessings, and looking toward the future for guidance and direction. While there is still much to be done, there are also many wonderful things to report in Equatorial Guinea.

Bernardino Tome and his wife, Nemesia, were the first people from the Annobón Islands (off the coast of Equatorial Guinea) to discover the change that Jesus could make in their lives, and were among the first Pentecostals in the country. Many people have come into faith in Christ because of their testimony. They currently serve as missionaries in Spain and have completed the translation of the New Testament into the Annobónese dialect.

Sebastian Obiang was intrigued by the music coming from a rustic building in the middle of the slum area of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea’s capital city. He went to the service and was given a Bible. He continued attending and growing in his faith. For the past 18 years he has served as general superintendent of the Equatorial Guinea Assemblies of God.

The new Malabo campus of the Equatorial Guinea Bible School was completed by the November 2018 goal. The last windows and the final painting were done just days before the dedication service on Sunday, Nov. 18. The celebration continued later in the day with a commencement ceremony for the graduates. Believers gathered to commemorate the past, rejoice in the present, and prepare for the future.

Thousands of people have done their part in fulfilling the Great Commission by partnering with us in praying, giving, and going. Light for the Lost, Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, Speed the Light, and Women’s Ministries have all had an impact by providing Bibles, books, vehicles, funds, and other resources that enhanced ministry.

Please continue to pray for ministries across this region and for the vision and provision for ministries yet to be born. Pray that missionaries, church leaders, and local believers will walk in divine protection and authority amidst the area’s intense spiritual warfare.

Carrol and Gayle Deal

Carrol and Gayle Deal are AGWM missionaries to Africa.