More Than Blind Faith

More Than Blind Faith

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Brandon Sims of Crystal Hill Assembly of God in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is fulfilling his mission to inspire others in their faith wherever he goes. At just 18 years old, Brandon’s boldness of faith has impacted a wide swath of people.

In 2003, Brandon began attending the Arkansas School for the Blind in Little Rock. As his studies at the school drew to a close, Sims felt compelled to do something that would leave a Christian legacy after his graduation.

In 2016, Sims began meeting with teachers, the principal, and even the superintendent in an effort to organize the school’s first See You at the Pole (SYATP) event.

As organizer of the gathering, Sims needed to take a stand among his peers and present his idea to the entire student body. Risking ridicule and opposition, Sims made his pitch, and received permission to hold the first event of this kind at the school.

Last year, Sims, then a senior in high school, joined five other students at his school’s flagpole and prayed for teachers, staff members, and peers. Despite graduating in May this year, Sims, now a freshman at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, returned to the Arkansas School for the Blind and joined fellow students at the Sept. 27 SYATP event. More students showed up than last year.

Shane Walters, Crystal Hill youth pastor, says Sims has influenced the school in other ways. At the age of 11, Sims spurred school officials to find more adequate playground equipment for children.

“Brandon partnered with the Lions Club and got new playground equipment donated to the school,” says Walters. “Brandon is nothing short of inspiring.” To this day, the area is known as Brandon’s Playground.  

Sims says his faith is a result of watching his family’s commitment at Crystal Hills AG. Since childhood, he has been volunteering as a puppet master in the children’s area of the church. He continues to serve diligently in this role every week.

Sims credits Crystal Hills Pastor Terry W. Newman and mentor Randall Whitehurst for nurturing his faith.

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