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Miraculous Faith Journey

Waterlily Tung, a onetime teenage Buddhist refugee, embraces God’s calling as a U.S. Army chaplain’s wife.

World Traveler Advantage

Chaplain finds being a minority helps him fill a ministry niche.

Solhjem Outlines Priorities

New Army Chief of Chaplains Thomas L. Solhjem is establishing priorities as the top spiritual adviser for the military branch’s 1.25 million members.

The Global Family

North Dakota couple adopts six children, four from outside the U.S.

Defusing Soldier Stress

More than 6,000 veterans have committed suicide annually during the past decade. AG chaplains at Fort Bragg are working to reverse this tragic trend.

Covering the Ministry Bases

After campus, church, and missionary work, James Damude finds his niche in chaplaincy.