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This Week in AG History -- May 19, 1945

God used Howard Carter, who was imprisoned at the time, to bring clarity to the gifts of the Spirit.

This Week in AG History -- Feb. 5, 1967

Assemblies of God pioneer Edgar Lee Newby's baptism in the Holy Spirit led to a lifetime of ministry.

This Week in AG History -- Jan. 24, 1948<br />

Briggs Dingman assumed Pentecostals were deluded, maybe even demon-possessed, but when he discovered Pentecostal beliefs were biblical, it transformed his life and ministry.

This Week in AG History -- August 16, 1953<br />

Former General Superintendent W. T. Gaston warned believers about prosperity preachers using wisdom still relevant more than 60 years later!

Three Questions People Ask About the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

General Superintendent George O. Wood provides insight in how to respond to three questions often asked about the baptism in the Holy Spirit.