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Sports Gambling Sanctioned

U.S. Supreme Court opens the door for states to authorize betting on athletic contests.

Put Down That Phone!

Christian leaders want to take a break from electronic devices, but it doesn't always happen.

Senator Withdraws Controversial Proposal

A proposal in California's SB 1146 which posed a challenge to religious schools has been withdrawn by the sponsor of the bill.

NAE Urges Churches to "Pray Together" Sunday, July 10<br>

The National Association of Evangelicals is calling Christians to prayer for "our hearts and the nation" on Sunday, July 10.

Protect the Poor, Don’t Profit from Their Need

EDITORIAL: George O. Wood urges believers to consider the reform of payday lending as a moral imperative.

NAE Releases Ethics Guide for Church Leaders

The National Association of Evangelicals' newly released guide is designed to help church lay leaders make wise decisions based upon biblical wisdom and ethics.