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This Week in AG History -- Jan. 5, 1964

Former General Superintendent Thomas F. Zimmerman's thoughts for the new year 55 years ago still hold true today.

This Week in AG History -- Dec. 29, 1934

E. S. Williams, AG general superintendent during the Great Depression and through WWII, urged the Fellowship to remain sound in its doctrine and strong in evangelism at home and on foreign fields throughout the coming year.

EDITORIAL: The Living Sea and Dead Sea

Dr. George O. Wood, Assemblies of God general superintendent, shares insights drawn from the comparison of the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. Recognizing the fulfillment of a "Sea of Galilee" experience, he also offers hope to those struggling through "Dead Sea" times in their life.

This Week in AG History -- January 16, 1937

AG General Superintendent Ernest S. Williams shares a special New Year's message with the Fellowship in 1937 that's still relevant for today! Read this and many other historic articles in the Jan. 16, 1937, "Pentecostal Evangel."