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On the Go in Ohio

Gift-giving program expands with help of volunteers, resident recipients.

Memorial Service - 2017 General Council

Thursday morning memorial service during the 2017 General Council in Anaheim.

Juan Romero, Missionary Musician, With Christ

Known in many Central and South American countries for his musical and television ministries, Romero passed away on July 21.

Special Deliveries

AG women take the love of Christ on the road.

UnitedCry DC16 Urges Christian Leaders to Pray and Repent

Dr. James Bradford joined with other evangelical leaders at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., for UnitedCry DC16, where Christian leaders gathered to cry out to God in prayer and repentance for the nation.

Living an "Everyday Life" of Worship

An "everyday life" of worship isn't restricted to ministers -- it's for everyone, no matter what their occupation!