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A Death Sentence Revoked by God

Diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer, Pete Forras' doctors could do nothing to help him, but then the Great Physician paid him a visit.

This Week in AG History -- Feb. 17, 1923<br />

Lilian B. Yeomans is a well-known historic Pentecostal figure, but before her ministry ever began, drug addiction nearly took her life.

This Week in AG History -- April 5, 1947

Extremely poor and with very little formal education, yet Smith Wigglesworth would be empowered by God to spread the gospel and demonstrate the workings of the Holy Spirit like few others have ever done.

God is Still in the Healing Business!

A recent PE News and national news story of the miraculous healing of drowning victim John Smith has people wondering if Smith's miracle was a rare exception or if God is still actively healing people. Within days of Smith's article coming out, other accounts of miraculous healings came to light.