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This Week in AG History -- Feb. 10, 1940

Since the 14th century, tracts have spread the gospel message, with the Pentecostal message coming to light through tracts as well since the early 1900s.

This Week in AG History -- Dec. 29, 1934

E. S. Williams, AG general superintendent during the Great Depression and through WWII, urged the Fellowship to remain sound in its doctrine and strong in evangelism at home and on foreign fields throughout the coming year.

This Week in AG History -- Sept. 11, 1937

While the Great Depression of the 1930s devastated many segments of American Christianity, the Assemblies of God saw significant growth.

This Week in AG History -- August 25, 1934<br />

In 1934, the Great Depression coupled with an incredible drought -- was it a sign of God's judgement?

This Week in AG History -- June 9, 1957

General Superintendent Ernest S. Williams did not accept Christ until he was 19, but he was ordained three years later under the ministry of William J. Seymour, later identifying the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit as a defining moment in his life.

This Week in AG History -- October 18, 1919

The Trinity was a hotly debated topic in the early years of the Assemblies of God, but this young pastor would set the record straight, later serving as the AG general superintendent for 20 years!