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Reaping a Samoan Harvest

Ethnic congregation in California city finds favor in the community.

This Week in AG History -- Feb. 12, 1938

Carrie Judd Montgomery's ministry influenced the lives and ministries of many of the early Pentecostal ministers, including Maria Woodworth-Etter, William Seymour, A.H. Argue, Smith Wigglesworth, and numerous others.

Muddy Boots Ministry

World War II re-enactor chaplain reaches modern audiences.

Double Blessing

Couple’s adoptions open the door for their church to become a leader in foster care education and services

Continuing the Legacy

The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership keeps focusing on its late founder’s vision.

This Week in AG History -- Jan. 2, 1926

John Eric Booth-Clibborn, a 29-year-old missionary, died just two weeks after arriving in Africa, but he is remembered as a hero of the faith in Burkina Faso.