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This Week in AG History -- May 2, 1931

Prominent Chinese scholar and future leader Dr. Wang Yun Wu (1888-1979) abandoned atheism in 1924 after he witnessed the miraculous healing of his sister’s eyesight.

This Week in AG History -- April 29, 1951

Louise Nankivell and her husband, Alfred, traveled the country in evangelistic ministry for decades, with Louise often referred to as "the second Aimee Semple McPherson."

Stronger Than the Occult

God’s redemptive power leads to prophetic ministry for AG evangelist.

Emotional Healing on Campus

Haleigh Stallings finds a new path, thanks to Southeastern University pastor Brittany Powell.

AG News Launches Podcast Series

AG News will be offering its first podcast series beginning on March 1 with the theme of "Miracles."

Arsonist's Effort to Destroy, God's Plan to Heal

An arsonist attempted to burn down a Baptist church, but it ultimately resulted in the unifying of the body of Christ in the area.