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Groundbreaking Vote

Donna Barrett becomes the first woman executive elected in AG’s 105-year history.

Responding to Cultural Shifts

An Iowa church in a no-longer-dominant white community seeks to become multiethnic.

Missionaries Commissioned to U.S. and the World

Although electing various leaders occupied much of the daytime sessions Friday at the 52nd General Council, the evening showcased the Fellowship’s missionary force, abroad and at home, already on the field and ready to go for the first time.

Crabtree, Wood and Bueno Re-elected; All of Thursday's Resolutions Pass

Voters re-elected three top executives to new four-year terms Thursday, during the opening day of business at the 50th General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Musical Proclaims "The Time Has Come"

The extent to which the Assemblies of God has become a worldwide movement became apparent Friday night at an upbeat and hopeful World Missions celebration in the MCI Center.

"That My House Be Filled"

Executive Director of Foreign Missions John Bueno Thursday night focused on the global mission of the Assemblies of God with the cry of Jesus and the missions theme for the turn of the new century, "That My House Be Filled!" He told a General Council Missions Rally crowd of 8,300 that the "Kingdom of God is at hand."