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Still Focused on Ministers and Missionaries

Northpoint Bible College offers students an unabashedly Pentecostal education.

Have Jeep, Will Preach

Leighton O'Connor, the Jeep Pastor, is touring the United States to share the gospel as well as learn how to more effectively minister to the homeless and needy.

A New Warming Season

New Life Church is seeing growth in a community where less than 5% of the residents are evangelical Protestants.

A Brazilian Influx

Immigrant arrivals force isolated Massachusetts church to seek an expansion solution.

Showing Compassion in ‘Witch City’

Listening, rather than condemnation, is a key to outreach in Salem, Massachusetts.

Pastor Faces Gunman in Church Foyer

Pastor Randal Ackland came face-to-face with a clearly disturbed man carrying a gun in his church Monday morning.