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Revival at Every Level

After years of crying out for a deep move of God, Lima First Church has seen revival hit every ministry in their church with over 1,000 salvations since the start of the year.

This Week in AG History -- Aug. 7, 1920

Big things from small communities resulted as a revival in northeast Washington spread to multiple communities and impacted the area for decades to come.

Prayers Arise in the GC23 Marketplace

The AG World Prayer Center hosted the first of eight prayer experience services in the middle of the General Council exhibit hall on Tuesday morning.

This Week in AG History -- June 19, 1948

How did revival come to the railroad town of Thayer, Missouri, in the early 1900s? It began with prayer and the Holy Spirit took over from there.

This Week in AG History -- May 19, 1945

Minnie Abrams was a young school teacher when God called her to become a missionary to India where she witnessed — and was a part of — the birth of the Pentecostal movement in that country.

Ukraine’s Pentecostal Churches Growing Tremendously

War and relief efforts create appetite for the gospel.