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Why Would a Carpenter Choose Fishermen?

Jesus’ selection of fishermen to be His disciples has far more depth to it than it first may appear.

Jesus on (Ritual) Purity

Often Jesus is portrayed as a rebel with a cause, regularly breaking rules and traditions — but was that really the case?

Athens: The Cause of the Esther Saga

There is much more to the biblical account of Esther than the Bible spells out.

Faith and Evidence — Enemies or Allies?

Are Christians supposed to have blind faith or does the Bible describe a different kind of faith?

Bringing Context to the Familiar Phrase, "The Light of the World," Part Two of Two

What did Jesus really mean in Matthew 5:14 when He said, "You are the light of the world"?

"Sometimes a Rooster is Not a Rooster"

How could Peter deny Christ three times before the cock crowed when chickens, roosters included, were not permitted to be raised in Jerusalem?