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Exploring the Practices and Customs of the First Century Synagogue

Did you know the purpose of the synagogue changed a few decades after Christ's crucifixion?

Living at the Crossroads

God could have led Abraham to settle anywhere, so why did He choose the location we now know as Israel?

"Sometimes a Rooster is Not a Rooster"

How could Peter deny Christ three times before the cock crowed when chickens, roosters included, were not permitted to be raised in Jerusalem?

What Did Jesus Mean by "Many Mansions"?

"In my Father's house are many mansions" Jesus said, but was He talking to His disciples about huge estates or something much different?

Center for Holy Lands Studies to Conduct Archaeological Dig in Israel

The Center for Holy Lands Studies will begin an "open to the public" excavation to uncover what may be the ancient city of Bethsaida.

Reaffirming the Reality of Jesus

Clues within Scripture reaffirm the reality of Jesus through details many people may simply overlook.