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All Right

Pastor Bryan Koch experienced incredible loss in his life, but the Hope of the Cross made the difference.

From Prison to Pulpit

Former cocaine trafficker Eric Earhart preaches the power of setting people free.

This Week in AG History -- December 19, 1931

Orphaned, young Freddie Graves was sent to the home of a hard man who treated him harshly, yet it was these and other difficulties in life that would inspire Graves to one day write some of the most well-known hymns of the church!

Perfection Not Required to be Called by God

Her past was nothing to be envied or admired, but could God still use her in ministry?

Pastor's Cars Stolen, Hearts Touched, Life Lost

Pastor Dwight Moore and his wife Rachel discovered the impact they have made on their community after their cars were stolen, but now grieve the loss of a young life.

Faithful Behind Bars

Men accept the Freedom Challenge path to transformational life while on the inside so they can make it on the outside.