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Perfection Not Required to be Called by God

Her past was nothing to be envied or admired, but could God still use her in ministry?

Pastor's Cars Stolen, Hearts Touched, Life Lost

Pastor Dwight Moore and his wife Rachel discovered the impact they have made on their community after their cars were stolen, but now grieve the loss of a young life.

Faithful Behind Bars

Men accept the Freedom Challenge path to transformational life while on the inside so they can make it on the outside.

Rock Hills Church: Reaching an Untapped Mission Field in Middle America

A church planter reveals how he is a living example of God's grace and redemptive power.

AG Minister Shot by Gunman Six Times Miraculously Survives

Assemblies of God Northwest Ministry Network pastor, Tim Remington, was shot six times from behind on Sunday — doctors amazed as he's expected to return home in a week or less!

Life-Changing Forgiveness

Pastor Kevin Ramsby embraces a platform of mercy after being stabbed 37 times.