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The Birth of Jesus — a Fresh, Historical Look

Traditionally, the account of Christ's birth is well known; but when looked at through the eyes of history, culture, and Scripture, there may be more to this story!

Ritual Purity -- What it Meant

What was the significance of ritual purity -- and impurity -- in the New Testament?

Pastor Impacted by Summer Study in Israel

Pastor Scott Leib shares about a marked transformation in his teaching and preaching after participating in the Center for Holy Lands Studies' Summer Institute.

The Myth of the High Priest's Rope

It's a fallacy that some Christians have believed all of their lives.

Herod the Great -- Killing of the Innocents

Does the Gospel of Matthew's lone account of Herod's killing of boys two years old and younger in Bethlehem line up with historical evidence?

Key Biblical Events and the Palace of Herod the Great

In this series, Marc Turnage, director for the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies, demonstrates how understanding history beyond the biblical texts sheds light on the character and personality of biblical figures––in this instance, Herod the Great.