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New Ministry to Benefit Rural Churches

Rural America Ministries (RAM) will be a strong advocate and vital resource for rural churches in the United States.

This Doctor Makes Church "House Calls"

When a Spanish-speaking church in Southern California needs help, Dr. George Winney goes to work!

Prayer, Acts 2 Journey Lead to Revitalization

Sandhills Assembly was dwindling away, but prayer and committing to the Acts 2 Journey has turned this church around!

Acts 2 Journey Brings New Life to NewLife

Through the Acts 2 Journey, this church congregation has moved from content pew sitters to active evangelists!

Not Your Everyday Church Transformation

A few years ago, the citizens of Groesbeck, Texas, considered this AG church a pariah, a blight on the town map, that needed to be permanently removed . . . have things ever changed!