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This Week in AG History -- June 26, 1966

Wernher von Braun was a leading rocket scientist for Hitler's war machine, but he regretted his work and ultimately experienced a spiritual transformation in a small church in El Paso, Texas!

Cross Walk -- A Statement of Faith

Students literally take up a cross to demonstrate their faith in Christ as they raise funds for missionaries.

Chi Alpha's New Partner Unveils Christ to Campuses

Chi Alpha has partnered with illusionist Jim Munroe to seize college students' attention and present a compelling gospel message.

This Week in AG History — December 19, 1936

Joe Conlee went from Methodist minister to an atheist alcoholic before having a real encounter with God in an Alaskan cabin!

Restoring a Community One Life at a Time

CityReach Bangor (Maine) is reaching out to drug addicts and seeing God transform lives!

An Ironman for a Stronger Church

Gary Fowler of the Ohio Ministry Network completes an Ironman triathlon as he raises awareness and funds for planting AG churches throughout Ohio.