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Divorce/Remarriage Resolution Passes

The General Council made history Wednesday by voting to permit men and women who were divorced before conversion to pursue ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Superintendent's Medals of Honor Awarded

The General Superintendent’s Medal of Honor was presented to James Blackwood and Bill Hardiman during the Wednesday morning worship session by General Superintendent Thomas E. Trask.

Friday Business: Resolutions and Elections Conclude Council Business

Friday's business focused on 18 resolutions presented to the Council for consideration. Elections for the nonresident executive presbyters also continued.

Revision of the General Council Constitution and Bylaws

Revision of the General Council Constitution and Bylaws, the result of a 2-year study, and balloting for the 11 nonresident executive presbyters of the Assemblies of God were considered by the delegates in Thursday's business sessions.

Wednesday Business Sessions: Elections Begin

Business for the 48th General Council of the Assemblies of God convened at the call of General Superintendent Trask, following the Sacred Gathering that began the day's activities.