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The Star Missionaries

Chris and Lindsey Carter's ministry to Japan's science city has just received an "astronomical" boost through the help of BGMC.

Church Given Charge of City Festival

When a small community ran short of volunteers and needed someone else to step in, they looked to the church to save the day!

Age Not a Limit for this Pair of Inner-City Children's Pastors

Gilbert and Maritza Ceballos feel called to give children what they didn't have as children — an opportunity to know and love Christ.

"Bus Kid" Does Good

A caring AG pastor with a church bus set young David's life onto a path of compassion and ministry that no one ever imagined!

BGMC Breaks $7 Million Barrier with Record Giving

Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge reports an increase of more than $600,000 in annual giving as it tops $7 million for the first time ever!

BGMC a Priority for Small Church

He may lead a church of less than 50, but Pastor Daryl Pennington and the congregation of McClusky (North Dakota) Assembly of God make BGMC and missions a financial priority.