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They Fled to Egypt

The Christ of Christmas was soon taken to a foreign land, as His family fled for their lives and became dependent on others' kindness to survive . . . like so many others are desperately doing today.

Veterans Receive Christmas Surprise

AG U.S. Missions motorcycle chaplain couple, Dave and Brenda Pantelo, heard of a need at a veterans facility — and met it!

Christmas and the Importance of Family

Jesus is the Son of God — He was also the son of Mary/Miriam and Joseph . . . why were they chosen to be His earthly parents?

O Christmas Tree!

Two young missionary kids experience an answer to prayer on their first Christmas away from "home."

Reaffirming the Reality of Jesus

Clues within Scripture reaffirm the reality of Jesus through details many people may simply overlook.

The Birth of Jesus — a Fresh, Historical Look

Traditionally, the account of Christ's birth is well known; but when looked at through the eyes of history, culture, and Scripture, there may be more to this story!