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Minister Pursues Master's -- AGTrust Makes THE Difference

Like many ministers, Alex Bryant couldn't afford to continue his education, but an AGTrust Making THE Difference scholarship made it possible.

Native American Bible College Marks 50 Years

Founded to equip Lumbee Indians, the AG school in North Carolina is now multiethnic.

Going Places

New Executive Presbyter Melissa Alfaro has accomplished much in her young life, and more could be on the horizon.

Largest Grant in School History

Vanguard University awarded $3.75 million, five-year funding to attract more Hispanic and low-income students.  

The Value of College

Hard work and “good” debt still make higher education pay off.

This Week in AG History -- July 14, 1957

J. Robert Ashcroft's commencement address to the Evangel College graduating class of 1957 is still powerful and meaningful for today, 60 years later!