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A Marathon Miracle and More

Pastor Josh Clark's life was over, but then prayers and the Holy Spirit interceded with miraculous results.

Museum of the Bible Opening Mid-November

The $500 million Museum of the Bible is scheduled to open Nov. 17 in Washington, D.C.

Out of the Ashes

With her ministry thriving, a terminal diagnosis threatened to end Kenelma Salamanca’s work for the Lord.

SEU Men's Basketball Coach Speaks to White House Officials on Issues Facing Millennials

Southeastern University's R-Jay Marsh was part of a group of key leaders invited by the White House to speak with officials.

Southeastern Launches a Master's in Social Work<br />

Southeastern University offers the first evangelical Master of Social Work in the state of Florida.

CTS Leads the Charge for European Missions

Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium is educating students from 30 different countries.