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Jesus in the Grainfields, Part 1: The Challenge of the Pharisees in Context

In part one of this two-part series, Dr. Wave Nunnally examines a famous passage of Scripture that, when read without the benefit of cultural understanding, could leave many readers wondering about the ethics of Jesus and His disciples!

Secrets Unlocked from Ancient Scroll

Recently, technology allowed for an ancient Dead Sea scroll, too fragile to unfurl, to be read — the findings and the significance of the technology are incredible!

Who Was Gamaliel?

Gamaliel is mentioned several times in the New Testament, but many simply read over his name, not realizing the significance of the man or his actions.

Stonings in the Temple?

In John and Acts, references are made, seemingly inaccurate, about stonings taking place in the temple — but archaeology has once again proven the Bible to be factual!

First Season of Excavations at el-Araj

The Center for Holy Lands Studies joined with others in an archaeological dig this summer in Israel -- what did they discover?

Exploring the Practices and Customs of the First Century Synagogue

Did you know the purpose of the synagogue changed a few decades after Christ's crucifixion?