Repent and Turn

Assemblies of God General Treasurer Rick DuBose shares the Wednesday emphasis for the 2018 Week of Prayer.

Praying Through

Assemblies of God General Secretary James Bradford shares the Tuesday emphasis for the 2018 Week of Prayer.

Humble Yourselves

Assemblies of God Assistant General Superintendent Alton Garrison shares the Monday emphasis for the 2018 Week of Prayer.

Spiritual Renewal

Assemblies of God General Superintendent Doug Clay shares the Sunday emphasis for the 2018 Week of Prayer.

TV Host: "Pick Southeastern"

Host of the popular morning show Fox & Friends encourages parents to send their children to Southeastern University.

Why Reach Kids for Christ?

Pastor Wes Davis shares why his church is investing in reaching area youth for Christ, because as he says, "Whoever wins the the kids, wins."

Jay's Story

A brutal attack in a high school hallway left Jay King in the hospital and facing possible brain damage. Jay shares how God intervened to bring healing to his body and soul.

Pastor Impacted by Summer Study in Israel

Pastor Scott Leib shares about a marked transformation in his teaching and preaching after participating in the Center for Holy Lands Studies' Summer Institute.

My Story: CityReach Bangor

Ali Mclaughlin and Jackie Cardoza share their story of faith, freedom, and life transformation.

PE Conversation: After the Honeymoon

Originally written as Facebook posts to his engaged son, “After the Honeymoon” released this week as a 90-day devotional for couples.