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God We Need Rain Today

"God, We Need Rain Today"

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Following is testimony from an AGWM team member serving West Africa. Names and locations have been removed due to the sensitivity of this region.

Every weekend that I am able, I visit my friend’s farm, buried deep in the West African brush. This simple place is the perfect place to build our relationship. Each time we are together, I intentionally move our conversation closer to the gospel. It’s not easy though, because my friend and I do not speak the same language. I speak English and he speaks the African language of our target unreached people group. I am trying hard to learn his language and am getting better every week. 

My goal one particular week was to pray next to him. He is Muslim and prays five times a day. Often when we are together, he breaks away and goes somewhere nearby to pray the full Muslim prayer (stand up, kneel, bow, and repeat, while muttering Arabic words he does not understand).

But this time, as he was getting ready to pray, I asked him if I could pray with him. He said yes. So, while he went through all his motions, I stood next to him in a very respectful form that he would recognize as prayer and then proceeded to pray (in his language) just loud enough for him to hear the words, “Our Heavenly Father…in the name of Jesus the Messiah. Amen.”

Later that day my friend and I visited a neighboring village. It was miles further into the bush with no electricity, no running water, and no paved roads to get there. While we were there, we sat with the village chief for some time. My friend and the chief were enjoying the visit; I listened in as much as I could, but was essentially lost in the flow of conversation.

Soon though, the village chief said, “We need rain badly.” My Muslim friend pointed to me and announced, “He can pray to God.” So, the village chief proceeded to ask me to pray for rain — in his language — and for it to rain today. Despite the obvious pressure of being asked to pray for immediate rain in a language I barely know, that is what I did. My friend, the chief, and others listening all seemed grateful for my prayer. 

As we returned to the farm, I prayed all the way. “God, we need rain today!” I kept praying for rain while I was at the farm. I looked to the sky and saw clouds. I prayed again, “God, we need more clouds up there. We need rain today!” Later, I heard thunder and started to get very excited. Then came more thunder, and then came the rain — lots and lots of rain! Thank God for His goodness! I can’t wait to visit that village again soon. 

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