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Chasing Truth

Chasing Truth

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Mindy is a typical young mom.

“There’s a lot of information out there that’s literally at my fingertips,” Mindy says. “I can find recipes, outfit ideas, and a never-ending supply of sharable Bible verses, all without even trying.”

Mindy listens to voices on social media more than she would like to admit.

“I'm reading global memes about Christianity, and spending more time posting about reading my Bible, than actually reading it,” she confesses. “I don’t even have a relationship with some of these people with platforms. But I’m allowing them to shape my thoughts and ideas about the Bible.”

AG National Women’s Ministries Director Kay Burnett noticed young women like Mindy and wondered if AG Women could address the problem. Burnett started asking questions such as, What would happen if a movement began among women across the nation to faithfully read their Bibles daily, in community, asking the Holy Spirit to teach them God’s truth?

Burnett had seen statistics about Bible engagement. For instance, a woman who reads the Bible four times a week or more is 228 percent more likely to share her faith with others, and 407 percent more likely to memorize Scriptures.

Because of these convincing statistics, and Burnett’s concerns, Chasing Truth — a movement sponsored by AG Women to help women read the Bible cover to cover in 2020 — is set to launch. This initiative ties into the Bible engagement emphasis that the Assemblies of God is promoting, under the leadership of General Superintendent Doug Clay.

Chasing Truth offers community through an organized Facebook group, currently with over 4,500 members and growing, who will read Scripture passages six days per week, and reflect on a devotional thought each Sunday. A downloadable reading plan is available on the Facebook page and the Women’s Ministries website at women.ag.org. The reading and discussion begins on Jan. 1 in the Facebook group.

The reading plan and devotional thoughts also are available in The Bible app on YouVersion any time a woman wishes to start the plan, by searching “Chasing Truth” in reading plans.

Along with the daily readings and devotionals each Sunday, the AG Women Chasing Truth Facebook group will allow women to discuss difficult passages and ask questions.

A team of Bible scholars will take turns addressing the more difficult passages of the Bible from each week’s reading by way of video posts to the group’s page. A group of scholars with members who are trained at or teaching in AG colleges and universities will post weekly videos to help address confusing or difficult passages readers might have questions about during the week.

The group will offer a monthly memory verse from the readings as well.

“What would happen if across our nation more and more women began to answer God’s call to go deeper in their walk with Him, to study and know His Word?” Burnett asks. “What would happen if AG women began to cry out to God to make them holy, strong in Him, and to influence their world?”

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