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Presidential Appointment


Presidential Appointment

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Ordained Assemblies of God minister Sandra L. Morgan, director of the Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ) has been appointed by President Donald Trump to the new Public-Private Partnership Advisory Council to End Human Trafficking. Morgan has been appointed to the panel for a two-year term, which is expected to kick off in January.

Morgan is a longtime activist in combating human trafficking. Morgan is recognized globally for her efforts to bring together diverse factions in advocating for the end of mistreatment of women and children. Her Ending Human Trafficking podcast has listeners in 92 countries and is now housed in the Library of Congress as a resource.

The advisory council resulted from a congressional reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The panel is designed to ensure that government policies and programs use best practices in victim prevention, rehabilitation, and aftercare efforts.

“I am honored to have been selected to serve among true advocates and changemakers to impact human trafficking,” Morgan says. “Prevention cannot happen without research, education, advocacy, and collaboration as we fight for the dignity, justice, and freedom of exploited individuals.”

Morgan, one of nine appointed members to the advisory commission, expects the committee to meet in Washington, D.C., as well as online through virtual conference calls plus telephone calls. She says the council will advise 15 government agencies that have been working to fight modern slavery. The council should help eliminate redundancy, save tax dollars, and encourage cooperation rather than working in silos.

“In this divisive political climate, it’s important to realize this is a bipartisan legislative initiative,” Morgan says. “People on both sides of the aisle want to end human trafficking.”

Morgan is a past administrator of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force. She advocates for victims of exploitation, slavery, and trafficking across the world. Additionally, she serves on the Orange County Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Steering Committee, partnering with Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice.

Her diverse background, which includes work as a nurse as well as over two decades as a missionary to Europe, further qualifies her for the new role. She began battling human trafficking in 1999 after connecting with Project Rescue co-founder Beth Grant.

“I’m super excited to be able to do something that uses a holistic approach and brings the faith-based community, victims, health care, educators, and government together,” Morgan tells AG News.

Morgan believes the fight against sexual exploitation is winnable.

“If we’re all on the same page, we can make a difference,” Morgan says. “It’s doable if the entire community collaborates to be part of the battle.”

For 16 years, the GCWJ — which is located at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California — has provided training and resources to enable leaders to promote justice for women and girls. More than 40 million people are living in slavery today in a $150 billion-a-year human trafficking industry. The GCWJ provides support by granting scholarships to Vanguard University for survivors of child commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

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