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Convoy of Hope and AGWM Serving Refugees Across War torn Region


Convoy of Hope and AGWM Serving Refugees Across War-torn Region

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Cars, vans, trucks, ships, and cargo planes have all been a part of Convoy of Hope and Assemblies of God World Mission’s effort to deliver essential relief supplies to multitudes of refugees in Ukraine and in seven neighboring countries.

Greg Mundis, AG World Missions (AGWM) Executive Director, says, “As in most major disasters to which our missionaries and national churches respond, we are very grateful to Convoy of Hope for their longstanding partnership, as they have come alongside to generously help with resources to serve the needy and suffering in the Ukraine crisis.”

“We’re coming alongside churches and AGWM missionaries to serve hundreds of thousands of refugees inside Ukraine and as they cross the borders,” says Hal Donaldson, president of Convoy of Hope. “It is truly a united act of compassion — churches are being mobilized to meet physical and spiritual needs on a large scale. It’s already a multimillion-dollar relief effort, so this is an opportunity for each person and each church to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a big way.”

Nick Wiersma, Convoy’s vice president for Disaster Services, says the relief effort is stretching throughout Eastern Europe and Ukraine. “We’re committed to be in the region for the long haul,” he says. “We’re building infrastructure — establishing warehouses, deploying a fleet of relief vehicles, and searching for farmland — so we can continue to meet needs long after the war is over.”

Right now, food and water remain a primary need, Wiersma says, but hygiene kits, baby supplies, clothing, tents, and sleeping bags are also in high demand. In addition, mattresses and other home essentials will be needed as families return to Ukraine or establish a residence elsewhere. A distribution center has been established in Poland that is facilitating dozens of large containers filled with food and other emergency items coming by air and sea.

“We’re thankful for all the corporate partners donating supplies and all the airlines and shipping companies providing transportation to Convoy of Hope,” says Donaldson. “And, we’re thankful to all the churches that have given so generously. When people lose everything, they need to know someone cares. Along with churches throughout Eastern Europe and AGWM, we’re committed to showing that Jesus loves them and so do we.”

“The churches in Eastern Europe have been heroic,” says Wiersma. “Our brothers and sisters in places like Poland and Romania are making great sacrifices to serve the people of Ukraine. They’re driving delivery trucks, passing out food and water, taking refugees into their homes, and more. They are truly an army of compassion. It’s a privilege to come alongside them to give people immediate relief and lasting hope.”

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