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CHLS Releases The Life of Jesus for Church Home


CHLS Releases "The Life of Jesus" for Church, Home

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What would it have been like to grow up with Jesus? The Center for Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) helps answer that question and much more through its newly released Foundations video and study guide series: The Life of Jesus.

CHLS Director Amy Flattery explains that the new series brings home the realities of Jesus’ life that the biblical texts simply weren’t written to provide — much of context was assumed common knowledge of the day.

“For those who have not traveled to the Holy Lands and have not had the time or opportunity to study the life of Jesus from a cultural, historical, geographical, and spiritual context, this series will be incredibly enlightening,” Flattery says. “Foundations: The Life of Jesus combines video and decades of study to give ministers as well as laypeople revelation into the life of Jesus.”

A 12-part series on Christ’s life, each session provides ministers, small groups, or individuals studying the life of Jesus a dozen 8- to 12-minute videos hosted by Jeremy Stein, the teaching specialist for CHLS, on location in the Holy Lands, along with a 72-page study guide/devotional. The study guide offers Scripture in context and allows room to consider and record new or reenforced perspectives drawn from each session’s shared insights.

In addition to being a powerful Bible study resource, Foundations: The Life of Jesus comes with 12 fully written sermons, designed to be presented in 30 to 40 minutes, that allow room for personalization, expansion, or contraction.

“The sermons are excellent on their own, but I see them as strong starting points for leaders to customize to cover their points of emphasis,” Flattery says. “And the videos are all designed to be used on a personal device or a large screen in a church setting.”

Flattery notes that what sets Foundations: The Life of Jesus apart is that when the different contexts of the Bible are not taken into consideration, the richness and fullness of Scripture is missed.

“For example, aside from prophecy, there were important cultural and spiritual reasons that Jesus grew up in Nazareth rather than Jerusalem,” Flattery says. “And you will also discover why Jesus was likely more than a carpenter, but someone who also had skills working with stone and metal.”

Included in the 12-study series are: The Birth of Jesus, The Family of Jesus, The Childhood of Jesus, The Call of Jesus, The Teachings of Jesus, The Arrest of Jesus, The Trial of Jesus, The Resurrection of Jesus, and four more.

For more information about Foundations: The Life of Jesus, including a short video, click here.

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