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Journey of Discovery -- Reach the Unreached 867

Africa's Hope has launched the Journey of Discovery campaign to make the Discovery Series curriculum available in 12 languages spoken in 45 African countries.

According to AGWM Africa there are more than 867 people groups in sub-Sahara Africa that are considered unreached and untouched by the gospel.

Over the past few years, Africa's Hope has worked with African leaders and missionaries to develop the Discovery Series, a 38-title curriculum designed to equip untrained and undertrained ministers across the continent for pioneer evangelism and church leadership.

"This [Discovery Series] curriculum is very powerful and is transforming our lives, our churches, and our communities," says Rwandan Assemblies of God Pastor Sylvan Uwiringiye (OO-weer-in-GEE-yay).

By 2020, Africa's Hope wants to provide 35,000 African pastors like Uwiringiye with the complete Discovery Series curriculum in a language they can read and understand.

"Assemblies of God national churches in French-speaking Africa specifically requested that Africa's Hope speed the translation and printing of the French Discovery Series, so this was made one of the priority translation languages for this year," says John Easter, director of Africa's Hope. 

To fund the work, Africa's Hope is launching the Journey of Discovery campaign, which aims to make the Discovery Series available in 12 languages spoken in 45 African nations, and could potentially affect every national church on the continent.

An estimated 35,000 African Assemblies of God pastors are untrained or undertrained and will benefit when the Discovery Series is available in their heart languages.

The Journey of Discovery campaign officially launched at the | 867 | Lunch hosted by Africa's Hope at General Council in Orlando.

Churches are invited to hold their own | 867 | Day using the videos, sermon, banners, logos, and shirts found here.