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Skateboarding Across Indiana for Speed the Light

Skateboarding -- or longboarding -- the entire length of Indiana helps Youth Pastor Stephen Lehman raise funds for Speed the Light.

On July 19th, a team led by Pastor Stephen Lehman, AG youth pastor at Faith City Assembly in Michigan City, Indiana, began a harrowing feat of skateboarding over 300 miles -- all to raise money for Speed the Light.

What started out as a mere idea in 2010, evolved into a full-fledged operation called Skate for the Light.

"I never could figure out a good way to raise funding for STL. I heard of a guy who walked across Alabama to raise money for STL and that inspired me to do something similar," says Lehman.

Lehman and his team, which included another skater from the church named Chad Perney, an organizer/event contact, and two support drivers, started in Evansville, Indiana, and ended in their hometown of Michigan City. It took them eight days and they covered 326 miles.  Instead of traditional skateboards, they used longboards, which are more conducive to cruising long distances.

Although Lehman and Perney were the only ones that actually skated, the students of Lehman's ministry, Forerunner Youth Ministries, weren't just idly standing by. Girls were selling hair ties and headbands to raise money, while other students were planning creative endeavors to fundraise as well. Lehman's goal was to not only inspire students to find creative ways to fundraise, but also encourage them to dream big. In the same manner that the journey of understanding the importance of Speed the Light has grown in his life, he wants his students to take that same journey with him -- and he believes they have.

Lehman and Forerunner Youth Ministries raised over $4,000 through Skate for the Light, which they were thrilled about. However, beyond the fundraising, Lehman has noticed a bigger theme emerging from this experience.

"I am beginning to see students giving more than just their money to help out in the Kingdom," Lehman says. "I have students who always want to know what they can do to help out in our youth ministry. I think that is an extension of STL for sure. My students are beginning to realize that Jesus loves the person who gives of them self in every way."

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Pictured: Stephen Lehman (left) and Chad Perney (right)

Nii Abrahams

Nii Abrahams is a graduate of Missouri State University with an undergraduate degree in communication and an emphasis in ethical leadership. He is pursuing a master's degree in communication at Missouri State. He is a part of the Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries team as the communication and content strategist.