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Always More

Former SonicFlood songwriter Dwayne Larring teams with Benji Cowart on new project.

When Dwayne Larring (former member of SonicFlood and Audio Adrenaline) met songwriter Benji Cowart at a coffee shop in Franklin, Tennessee, songwriting wasn't on the agenda. It was simply two close friends catching up.

Over the course of their time together, as often happens with close friends, the conversation took a deeper turn beyond the weather, sports, and headlines of the day.

"We were both at stressful places in our lives," Larring recalls. "We talked for a couple of hours and the thing we had in common was just this desperate need for God to come through, to intervene and answer specific prayers."

Although not feeling inspired or creative in the least, Larring was convinced by Cowart to join him at a writing session later that day with CentricityWorship writer Corey Voss. As the three men talked about their desperate need for God, lyrics began to take shape: 

I will gaze and behold your beauty / I will dwell in your house, O God

I won't leave 'til you meet here with me / You're the one worth waiting for

You are the reason for my being / You are the cup that overflows

You are the river never ending / With you Lord, there's always more

You're always more

"I had really been chewing on the idea that as writers, we'll really never run out of things to say about God because He is infinite," Cowart says. "Because He is limitless, there is no end to God's ability to provide for us and no end to the creative ways that He goes about providing for us."

"We realized we were writing something true, something we desperately needed to declare in our lives, to sing it over our families," Larring says. "We put our cell phones down and recorded it with guitars. Even though we didn't know the impact it would have at the time, its truth brings me to tears every time I hear it."

Larring's version of "Always More," featuring Zach Loomis of Journey CommunityChurch and Brian Johnson (top 12 on NBC's The Voice earlier this year), found its home on the Influence Music album, SOAR  (Spirit Empowered Worship), which released at the Assemblies of God General Council in August 2015.

Click here to listen to the Influence Music version of "Always More"

Benji Cowart and his wife Jenna ­-- Word Worship songwriters and worship leaders with over 90 songs to their credit ­-- recorded "Always More" for their Kickstarter-funded EP Surrender, which releases Oct. 30.

Click here to listen to Benji and Jenna Cowart's rendition of "Always More"

"Always More" is a powerful anthem that declares the need for and dependence on God, as well as His limitless nature.

"Every time we think we might have some aspect of God's character figured out, there always seems to be more," Cowart says. "Every time we think there is no way that God can provide for us in the limitations of our circumstances, He surprises us with some new, creative way of meeting our needs."