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Reaching Europe: Royal Rangers International

Royal Rangers International is impacting Europe and the world — currently there are more than 7,000 outposts in 92 countries!

On the outskirts of Gotha, Germany, in August 2014, 15,500 youth from 18 countries across Europe, Latin America and Africa formed a massive public proclamation of the gospel.

These members of Royal Rangers International, an Assemblies of God outreach to young people that offers activities similar to scouting, came together to share their life experiences and learn more about Jesus Christ in an active, exciting way. Their campground, Bundescamp (a German word meaning “fellowship” or “people coming together”) is the largest camp of its kind in the world. Constructed like a medieval fort and located on over 100 acres of farmland, it is an ideal temporary community for the campers who amass there.

Royal Rangers International is extremely popular across Europe. In contrast to the American Royal Rangers ministry aimed at boys, European groups minister to both boys and girls in exciting outdoor outreaches. The primary purpose in bringing these young people together is to introduce them to Jesus.

European culture readily identifies with the unique blend of active, outdoor adventure and laid-back camaraderie provided by Royal Rangers International at events like Bundescamp. Discipleship thrives in this environment, and the truths of Christianity become very inviting to those who might not otherwise be open to the gospel.

 “God typically calls people to salvation at events like this,” says Doug Marsh, director of Royal Rangers International. “Many also receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and are called to ministry. Having those things happen are our spiritual goals.”

The next Bundescamp is scheduled to take place in 2020, and German leaders are already working to expand the event. Similar events are emerging around the world, Doug shares, spearheaded by various Royal Rangers International member nations. Later this year, Eurocamp in Poland expects to draw 7,000 campers; in 2017 Rangers from across the vast continent of Russia are expected to attend Euroslot camp.

Since its founding in 2002, Royal Rangers International has grown to include 7,115 outposts in 92 countries. Two-thirds of the international groups are open to both boys and girls.

“Our dream is that within our lifetime we have Royal Rangers established in every single nation in the world,” Doug says. “That’s what we’re aiming for. God has to provide the pace, but we’re going to keep up with Him.”

Kristel Zelaya

Kristel Zelaya is a freelance writer and editor with global experience. She served as marketing manager for Assemblies of God U.S. Missions and as a writer and editor for Assemblies of God World Missions. These experiences have led her to numerous countries and cultures — far from beaten paths — on behalf of many who did not know how deeply their stories matter. Zelaya is also a licensed Assemblies of God minister.