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One Bible -- Three Lives Changed

The gift of a Mongolian Bible leads to three — and possibly more — lives transformed for Christ.

The Word of God is a powerful evangelism tool as Jonathan Lytle, a district appointed Chi Alpha missionary in Bellingham, Washington, knows. He became aware that a local Whatcom Community College student named Yenay* needed a Bible, so his team used Light for the Lost and support funds to purchase a Mongolian Bible for her. When the Bible arrived, it was mailed to Yenay as she was spending the summer with her aunt in Chicago.

Later that year, Yenay attended a Chi Alpha fall camp event. While praying after one of the sermons, she said to the Lord, “God, if You love me, please give me a hug.” Right at that moment, a friend reached over and gave her a huge embrace. Yenay decided to follow Jesus at that moment! 

Yenay later shared that during the summer her aunt became very curious about the Bible she received from Chi Alpha (a U.S. Missions ministry), so she began to read the Bible as well. When Yenay left to return to college, she chose to keep an English Bible and give her aunt the Mongolian edition, as her aunt struggled to read English. Through reading the Bible and attending church, Yenay says her aunt also met Jesus! Yenay says that her aunt loves reading the Bible — written in her own language — every day and falls asleep hugging it every night. 

But there’s more — the gifting of the Mongolian Bible has continued to produce fruit beyond Yenay and her aunt! Following Scripture’s direction, Yenay decided to be baptized. During the service, another international student was profoundly moved by Yenay’s statement of commitment to Christ. The student told her host mother that she wanted to be baptized too. When her host mother explained how serious a commitment that was, the student said, “Yes, I have decided that’s what I want! I want to make that commitment to Jesus!”

“Three lives — and likely even more by now — have been eternally changed and reconciled to Jesus simply because campus missionaries made a special effort to give a young woman the Word of God,” says Rick Allen, national Light for the Lost director. “But it’s important for each of us to remember, for every person that goes to the mission field, scores have to send him or her. Light for the Lost, through the generosity of our donors, is humbled to be able to make the Word of God available to missionaries to place into the hands of those who need it.”

*Name changed