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20 Under 20: Amazing Kids

A look back at 20 young people in the Assemblies of God who are making a difference in the world.

This year PE News presented 20 articles about 20 young people under the age of 20 in the Assemblies of God who are making an impact in God’s kingdom. As the series wrapped this week, we offer a year-end review of those stories, with links to the individual articles.

1. Fine Arts Empowerment

Fine Arts Festival participant Eliana Spiro is accepted into prestigious international ballet company program.

2. A Head for Memorization

Frequent Bible Quiz champion Abby Rogers has memorized significant portions of the Bible. She has further learning goals as an adult.

3. Forging Ahead with Purpose

Teenager Dalton Forge finds a ministry calling in serving the homeless with a massive feeding program he has established.

4. Little and Committed

Coy Pittman and siblings raise $13,800 for BGMC African water well projects.

5. Rebel Radio

North Carolina high school student Mikaela Maloy introduces an arts-focused club that turns into a ministry at her high school.

6. Living a Full Life

Surviving cancer in childhood shapes first-year college student Tory Cortese.

7. Stanford Bound

Nathaniel Stuart who has his pick of elite universities credits Bible Quiz study habits for academic success.

8. Creative Engagement

Home-schooler Sarah Evans finds a voice on public school campuses.

9. Determined Despite Disease

Brie Porubsky has a positive outlook on life, despite living with a rare autoimmune disorder.

10. No Loss for Words -- or Music

Hearing-impaired teen Josiah Valerius achieves an early goal with a full-ride scholarship to music school.

11. Answering the Early Call

Technology-minded youth Joe Cline blends skills with a desire to serve in ministry.

12. Ava's Well 

Oregon girl Ava Heath fulfills her dream for an African village to have safe drinking water.

13. Aiming High

Collin Edwards wants to incorporate his unique long-range shooting skills as a platform for the gospel.

14. Game Changer

Colossal university scholarships enable Jeremy Farmer to pursue computer graphics technology studies.

15. Persisting Despite Opposition

Youth Alive campus missionary Tyler Dunkley keeps evangelizing in the wake of disapproval from school officials. 

16. A Heart for Missions

Despite coping with more than 30 surgeries, Josh Golembiowski loves to raises funds for worthwhile causes.

17. No Need to Wait for Adulthood

Teenage campus missionary Alyssa Kellum makes good on her calling at an early age.

18. Foreign Accent

Chi Alpha student leader Catherine Hurt is devoted to mentoring international students.

19. The Brothers' Ice Cream Dream

Despite multiple setbacks, brothers Blake and Nolan Shofner find a cool way to raise funds for Speed the Light. 

20. Meeting the Goal

Overcoming an injury, Illinois teen Elizabeth Mills finds God provides the funds for reaching an STL fundraising target.