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Light for the Lost Releases Celebrate the Light: FREEDOM and FIRE

Light for the Lost's new Celebrate the Light video is now available to download for free.
Light for the Lost just released its fifth installment of Celebrate the Light, titled FREEDOM and FIRE, featuring incredible stories from Spain and Armenia.

Celebrate the Light is a missions free and downloadable video presentation illustrating the relationships between Assemblies of God missionaries, front-lines evangelism ministry, and the mission of Light for the Lost, which began in 1953.

In FREEDOM and FIRE, two powerful stories are told. The first shows a young woman who was trafficked from Nigeria into Spain and sexually exploited for 11 years until Project Rescue personnel intervened.

Through a series of dramatizations, the video connects the dots between Light for the Lost, the initial evangelism contact, and the journey this young woman made towards full restoration and healing through Jesus.

“Her emotive story is both shocking and beautiful,” says Dan Kersten, director of Communications for Light for the Lost, and writer/director of Celebrate the Light. “Light for the Lost and Project Rescue work together to share the gospel with exploited women and children, as well as invite them to seek rescue and this is very clearly illustrated in the video.”

The second video shows the incredible, desperate lengths Armenian-speaking pastors go through just to study and correctly preach the Word of God. The newest Armenian Bible translation is 150 years old and, according to Armenian pastors, is full of errors and does not inspire confidence in understanding Scripture.

What do they do to face this problem? Armenian pastors learn Russian. Good Bible translations are available in Russian, a language used extensively in Armenia among the educated classes. So Armenian pastors will master the Russian language so they can study Russian Bibles, and then preach in Armenian.

Light for the Lost and Life Publishers are teaming up to produce the Armenian FireBible, complete with study notes, articles, maps and concordances so that Armenian pastors can have the Word of God in their heart language.

“Most of us were fortunate enough to always have a translation of the Bible in a language we could understand,” says Rick Allen, national Light for the Lost director. “We really need to do this for Armenia. Pastors are learning two languages just to be able to study and preach. We look forward to the day when the Armenian FireBible is in print, and they won’t need a second language just to study!”

Celebrate the Light: FREEDOM and FIRE can be streamed and downloaded from the LFTL website. Contact Light for the Lost for additional missions video resources, or information about Project Rescue Spain or the Armenian FireBible.