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The Door Handle Said "TRUST"

The inscribed word "TRUST" on a door handle lock plate in Beersheva proved to be divine inspiration at just the right time.
Amy Flattery, director of the Center for Holy Lands Studies, shares an inspirational story from the Holy Lands that focuses on how a Christian learns how to trust.

I recently returned from Israel with a fantastic group of women. Reflecting, as I put the last of my precious women on the plane home, I had time to consider the wonderful experience we just had traveling through the land of the Bible.

The trip began in Beersheva, and with a door handle that said "TRUST." What? Why would a door handle in a hotel in Beersheva, Israel, have the word "TRUST" written on it? I had to laugh . . . out loud! I was certain God was telling me something!

The night before our tour began, I was panicking a bit and trying to listen to what God wanted from me and what he wanted for these 45 wonderful women. I take the task of teaching the Bible seriously. Who am I that I dare teach the Word of God?

When traveling to Israel, with any group, I find that I am always going to be ill-prepared; however, God is not! As much as I study and learn, what God will teach IN the moment is so much more. Many times, when we have the necessary studied knowledge (which is of utmost importance) we must also listen to the quickening of the Spirit of the Holy One! I gained a great peace at the site of the door handle and walked out the door knowing that God would give me, and any other woman, the words to speak as they were needed.


Abiding daily in the presence of God allows for assurance when things get tough. It allows for a certain type of silence that only exists with the presence of God. The result is trust.

Could Abraham have been willing to sacrifice Isaac if he had not been abiding in the presence of God daily? Could Moses have led the children of Israel? Could Elijah call out the prophets of Baal? Could Mary have been the mother of Jesus? How about Joseph, the father of Jesus? What about Paul, Peter, Mary, Martha? What about Jesus himself?

Jesus "abided" in His relationship with His Father daily, constantly. Had He not, would He have had the strength to face the Cross? He had every opportunity to turn and run. He even asked that the "cup be removed" from Him. But, through the presence of and abiding in God, His Father, He chose to face the Cross. He chose this on the Mount of Olives, with the presence of the Temple in Jerusalem towering over Him — the place where Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac, but was spared. Jesus knew that He would not have the same end.

We, you, are that valuable to the Father. The choice was a strenuous one. He was obedient and trusted His Father. His abiding and continual relationship with God strengthened Him, even in the most difficult of situations.

Back to the door handle. As I walked out of the room in Israel and noticed what it said, I was greatly encouraged and had peace! I had been praying, stressing, and working on trusting God to grant me the tools and words needed to teach in such a way that His name would be honored. I left my hotel room for my first site, on the first morning, and was given a message of "trust." I did, we did, and God was and is so near.

Be greatly encouraged! God is in every situation. Relax in obedient trust and faith in the One who is always present and loves you without end.

Amy Flattery

Amy Flattery is the director of the Center for Holy Lands Studies.