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WAGF Launches MM33 Initiative

The World Assemblies of God Fellowship has launched an initiative to grow the AG to one million churches worldwide by 2033.
The World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF) has announced the launching of MM33, a 12-year initiative to engage “in the greatest work of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting that the world has ever seen.” The target is to grow to one million Assemblies of God churches around the world by 2033, the 2,000th anniversary of Christ’s ascension.

MM33, which stands for the Roman numeral 2000 (MM) as well as “mandate and mission” followed by the year A.D. 33, will conclude in 2033 with numerous events being held to celebrate the Jubilee of Christ’s ascension as well as Kingdom expansion. Currently the Assemblies of God has more than 370,000 churches and 69.2 million constituents worldwide.

Dominic Yeo, chairman of the MM33 Task Force, explained that MM33 is about fulfilling the Great Commission through fostering revival and enabling more people to encounter the gospel.

“We are now, more than ever, a globally connected Movement of God with 164 national councils spanning more than 140 countries,” said Yeo, who also serves as the Asia Pacific AG Fellowship chairman. “We also have the different commissions that will collaborate for the greatest unity movement in the AG.”

MM33 has garnered strong AG support from around the world, including AG leadership in Uruguay, Great Britain, India, Sweden, Colombia, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka.

“India has the smallest Christian community percentage [in the world],” said David Mohan, vice chairman of WAGF and general superintendent of AG of India. “Creating this awareness and involving every national leader across the world will bind us as one in spirit to reach the goal together. MM33 is a mission that this world needs right now.”

“Our prayer is that our joint efforts will bring the greatest harvest before the day of the coming of the Lord,” stated Daniel Alm, general superintendent of Pingst International, the Swedish Pentecostal Movement. “Let the fire fall!”

A covenant commitment has been created for MM33, approved by the WAGF Executive Committee, and it will be signed in October 2023 by all regional coordinators at the next World AG Congress in Madrid.

“The covenant is a commitment, an ownership by each region, nation, and church toward evangelism, revival, discipleship, and global expansion,” Yeo said. “What a showcase of unity it will be to our churches, the Christian community, and the world when everyone signs the covenant and does our part in fulfilling the Great Commission.”

World Assemblies of God Fellowship

There are currently more than 160 members of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. Members are national church bodies that collectively number approximately 370,000 local churches and 69 million adherents.