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Network211 Celebrates 3 Million Evangelism Responses

Network211, an AGWM international ministry, recently exceeded 3 million evangelism responses and 57 million gospel presentations as it shares God's Word and compassion online in multiple languages around the world.
On Jan. 5, 2024, Network211 celebrated reaching the milestone of 3 million evangelism responses to a Network211 online interactive community. It was also in January that Network211 reached another milestone -- making 57 million gospel presentations.

“As Google tracks and reports, people are being reached in 242 countries and territories by Network211 via the Internet,” states Mark Flattery, Network211 president.

After people view a gospel presentation and make an evangelism response, Network211 presents more information online at JourneyOnline.org and then encourages visitors to write.

“We have 1-2-1 Connector response teams in 28 nations in the world who can respond in multiple languages,” Flattery explains. “The 1-2-1 Connectors provide a personalized reply and prayer and then connects them to an Assemblies of God church in their village, town, or city. As there are over 67 million Assemblies of God adherents worldwide, Network211 taps into this global network to help visitors go from ‘searches to churches!’”

Network211 is built on the missiological view that while people around the world are different in culture, language, and worldview, there is a commonality of human nature that is at the core of every individual.

“We all want to be loved, valued, accepted, and belong,” Flattery says. “People go online searching diligently for answers to their life dilemmas. Network211 meets them at their point of need, shares the love of Christ, journeys with them by interacting with more content online, and then connects them to a church where they can grow as a member of the family of God.”

Following are a few examples of comments sent to Network211 after the visitor made an evangelism response:

• A woman in Romania viewed “How to Deal with Anxiety” from JourneyOnline.org in English. She made a “salvation” evangelism response and wrote to us in French. It translated into English as, “I am not well.” This was an open door into her heart. It began an online relationship as we can journey with her to find Jesus and peace in her life.

• A man in Nigeria viewed, “Rediscover Your Worth,” made a “recommitment” evangelism response, and wrote, “I have committed so many wrongs that I feel God cannot forgive me, I feel so terrible, like my life is stuck in one place, no progress, no light shining upon my life, I feel so horrible to the extent that I feel like giving up on life itself.” Our team responded with a personalized comment and is leading this man to Jesus. He will discover the Giver of Life and the hope that comes from salvation in Christ.

• A man in Argentina viewed “How to Overcome Your Fears” in Spanish, made a “salvation” evangelism response, and wrote. Translated into English, his reply was, “I would love to learn more about Jesus.” Praise the Lord! We replied and are connecting him to a local church where he can become part of the family of God in a community of faith.

Network211 continues to plant the seeds of the gospel and ministry to people in remote locations and places where missionaries are not welcomed openly.

“Since October 2008, we have presented the gospel online in Gaza and the West Bank, Google defines this area as “Palestine,” to 18,753 individuals with 228 of them making an evangelism response,” Flattery says. “The vast majority of the visitors viewed the “Who Jesus Is” site in either English or Hebrew. While others will attempt to keep out the gospel, the seeds of the good news continue to be planted worldwide as the Spirit directs and empowers.”

Flattery recognizes that the 3 millionth evangelism response was reached due to God’s favor, partnership with groups such as Light for the Lost and Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, and a multitude of churches and individuals who pray and give faithfully.

“We currently have two big and audacious goals at Network211,” Flattery says. “We are praying and working to see the completion of Project 100Million (making 100 million gospel presentations) by the end of 2028 and to have 1-2-1 Connector response teams in every nation in the world.”

Network211 is an AGWM international ministry that exists to use “21st century technology to communicate the first century gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.” They offer online interactive evangelism communities in 17 languages. To learn more, visit Network211.com and JourneyOnline.org.