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Living an "Everyday Life" of Worship

An "everyday life" of worship isn't restricted to ministers -- it's for everyone, no matter what their occupation!

One component of the Acts 2 process is discipling men to worship -- to glorify -- God through every aspect of life. Following are two unique examples of men who worship God through everyday life.

David Clouse, of Clouse Motor Company in Springfield, Missouri, says, "I'm really in the people business, not the car business. I value what God values." Clouse uses his business as an opportunity to share Christ in a practical way with everyone he meets.

God set in Clouse's heart as a child a love of automobiles. From there, every step of his life was ordered toward reaching people for God through his business. God led him to O'Reilly Automotive where he gained management experience, to Metropolitan Life in insurance sales and financial advising, and to full-time ministry. He then felt a call back to the marketplace.

"God put His love for people in my heart -- from all walks of life. I've learned the importance of building bridges and maintaining a good reputation in the community," he says.

Clouse, who has attended James River Church (AG) in Ozark, Missouri, for more than a decade, doesn't take God out of the equation in any deal, and feels the best testimony in the marketplace is to show God's faithfulness by being punctual, on time paying bills, and making every deal honest. "Then we can talk about Christ," he adds. He networks with other car dealers instead of competing with them, so they can help each other.

With a voice full of feeling, Clouse says, "Car dealer may be my title, but I hope my epitaph reads: He knew Jesus, and Jesus knew him."

Pastor of Faith Memorial Church, Sandusky, Ohio, Ken Hiser says, "I don't need to compartmentalize the secular from the spiritual. All of life is worship to God." And Hiser can speak to that concept -- since his life is a primary example of someone who worships God in everyday life.

Hiser explains, "Romans 12:1, The Message, says it so well: 'Take your everyday, ordinary life -- your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking- around life -- and place it before God as an offering . . . Fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out.'"

When Hiser was young -- about 15 years old -- his pastor took him on nursing home and hospital visits. "God used him to pour into me," Hiser states. Hiser went on to attend seminary and pastored several small churches in Texas and Ohio.

However, Hiser met a few bumps in the road, which led to him and his wife taking newspaper routes. While on her route, his wife had a car accident -- just a fender bender.

"It was a God moment," Hiser says of the accident that led to his meeting Reverend H.J. Vaughn, then pastor of Faith Memorial. The family had been attending the church off and on for about two months, but had not yet met the pastor until after the accident.

"Soon a deacon approached me about being the janitor. For eight years, I buffed floors, cleaned toilets, and washed windows. People would come tell me their problems, and I would pray with them," Hiser explains

"I took pride in my work. I wasn't frustrated because I knew it was what God had for me -- I did it for His glory. Seeing the floors shine and the windows clean glorified God."

Pastor Vaughn asked Hiser to pray about becoming the principal of the church's school. "I was already teaching a class, so I prayed about it," Hiser recalls. He served as principal for five years; under him, attendance at the school doubled. Next, Hiser was asked to serve on the pastoral staff and was eventually asked to be the senior pastor.

"Whether I'm a pastor, or principal, janitor, or taking my grandkids fishing -- all my life is worship," Hiser concludes.

"When we know God is with us, and we move our own feet to serve Him, He works through us -- by praying, helping, or encouraging someone. When worship is not tied to our employment status, but part of everyday life, God can receive glory."


Darla Knoth

Darla Knoth is is senior editor of Adult and Youth Resources, Editorial Services, at the Assemblies of God National Office.