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Hispanic District has Unusual "Women-Only" Ordination

In what may be a first, all the new ordination candidates for the Southern Latin District this past June were women.

As a relatively new district, the Southern Latin District recently celebrated its third District Council on June 3, 2016, in an incredible way. This year, they received eight ordination candidates — all of whom were women! 

District Superintendent David Zayas was surprised when he learned early in the year that all applicants for ordination were female. “This will go down as a historical moment within our district and possibly across the nation that an ordination ceremony does not include any men,” Zayas says. “It speaks volumes of how God is impressing upon the women of this Fellowship to rise-up and step into their calling so that they can continue to lead alongside their husbands.”

All of the women receiving ordination share active ministry with their spouses in their respective churches. Some of them have had the opportunity to minister abroad as well. 

“I think for each of us, the most meaningful part of this ceremony was that we had the incredible blessing of being anointed by our husbands,” says Nancy Zayas, wife of District Superintendent Zayas. 

For one of the ordained, Diana Mercado, not only was her husband with her, but her father, Rev. Ruben Quiros Sr., who is a retired minister, was also able to stand on the altar with her and anoint her. 

“Each one of these are incredible godly women who serve with passion in their churches,” Nancy Zayas says. “They are anointed preachers, teachers, and leaders within our district, and I am humbled to have been given the blessing to stand with them on the altar.”

Pictured (L-R): Nancy Zayas, Claritza Rivera, Blanca Deal, Lisa DeJesus, Maria Manzanera, Veronica Varas, Diana Mercado, Annie Montalvo